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The Different Types of Usherette Trays 

The Different Types of Usherette Trays 

The original mobile vending solutions first used centuries ago, usherette trays are the traditional vending method. Their long history and continued use is testament to their popularity and success, defying the ages.  

Usherette trays allow vendors to carry products without their hands, leaving them free to take money and engage with customers. Although simplistic in design, at Global Vending Solutions we offer multiple types of usherette tray, each with unique appeal and benefits.  

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Use this guide to usherette trays to find out more about this traditional vending solution, as well as how you can create bespoke trays to fit your brand.  

Usherette Tray History  

Usherette trays have been used to dispense products from as long ago as the 1800s! 

Most often used in theatres and cinemas for sweets, popcorn and ice cream, usherette trays were a popular vending method. Some themed establishments may still use the traditional basic trays for vending, in keeping with the aesthetics of the past.  

In the modern, however, usherette trays are most often associated with product sampling. Vendors can move around venues or events with the trays to attract consumers as part of marketing campaigns, a product launch for example.  

Benefits of Usherette Trays 

There are many benefits to using usherette trays – hence their long-lasting popularity. Here are some of the top benefits: 

  • Handsfree – Vendors carry the trays using cross body adjustable straps, leaving their hands free. This allows vendors to take money, hand out samples and distribute marketing collateral all while carrying the tray.  
  • Customisable – Usherette trays can come in a variety of colours to match branding and even be adorned with logos. This ensures your tray matches your brand and sticks out in a crowd. Additions such as banners also help usherette trays become noticeable.  
  • Ergonomic – As vendors may be using usherette trays for hours, it is important they are comfortable. Our usherette trays have adjustable straps to ensure comfort, as well as padded straps to reduce strain. Also, because the trays are well balanced and have a weight limit, vendors aren’t struggling to carry the trays.  
  • Mobile – Although obvious, a huge perk of usherette trays is their mobility. Vendors simply stock up with product and then travel around events/venues. This helps to ensure you aren’t overlooked and that your product reaches the crowds.  
  • Durable – Usherette trays are sturdy and extremely durable, meaning they can be used over and over again. They remain intact while travelling to and from events, as well as during storage between campaigns.  

Different Types of Usherette Trays 

At Global Vending Solutions, we offer a range of usherette trays as well as a variety of novel vending solutions. Check out our products to see more.  

Usherette Tray 

Our basic usherette tray is everything you need to get stated with this mobile vending solution. Available in up to 15 colours and branded with your logos, our usherette trays are tailored to fit your business.  

We ensure vendor contentment through a 10kg stock limit and adjustable straps, providing hours of comfortable wear. While distributing product and marketing materials, your vendors will be happy and able to provide a top service. 

Check out how our usherette trays helped Sam’s Club increase sales by up to 200%! 

For ultimate visibility in a crowd, consider adding on an overhead banner. Using simple and lightweight poles, a branded banner can be easily attached to your usherette tray. Not only will you get all the attention, your vendors will be unaffected by any weight changes.  

Deluxe Usherette Tray 

Similar to our basic model, the deluxe usherette tray allows you to carry more with even more comfort. Choose from up to 15 colours, add your branding and carry an additional 5kgs (15kg total). 

To ensure comfort while carrying the additional weight, our deluxe tray comes with a comfortable hip belt for added support, as well as being specially moulded around the body.  

The most important feature of our deluxe usherette tray is the insert. We offer tailormade inserts for your deluxe tray which could be used for holding cups or separating items. Take a look at how Wagamama’s made the most of custom inserts for their deluxe usherette trays 

Alongside a custom insert, consider adding a money tray for taking proceeds.  

Wicker Tray 

Our wicker tray is reminiscent of traditional trays. Using handpicked willow from Somerset, a wicker tray is striking yet understated. Brands love to use wicker trays to reflect values and appeal to tradition.  

The wicker tray is finished with a food-safe varnish to ensure it is safe for use, as well as a durable wooden base to keep products stable. With additional padding on the straps, our wicker tray can carry up to 12kgs.  

Usherette Tray Customisation  

When ordering usherette trays with Global Vending Solutions, you can customise your trays and ensure they are perfect. We offer fully brandable trays, as well as numerous additions to suit your needs.  

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Our top extras include eye catching banners, useful money trays, and additional branding. Our team are always ready to take on a challenge and are willing to go above and beyond for your success. Find out how we helped young chefs showcase their work with The Chef’s Forum 

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Learn More with Global Vending Solutions 

If you would like to order usherette trays for your next campaign, or are looking for something a little more unique, contact Global Vending Solutions. With a creative team, superfast worldwide delivery and many years’ experience in mobile vending solutions, we can make your marketing a success.  

We are so sure of our products’ value and quality that we offer a lifetime warranty! Get started today.  


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